Q: We've had many bad experiences with professional photographers.  How do we know that you are different?

A: We're super sorry you've had several bad experiences with other photographers.  Our number one priority is to deliver some of the best images to all of our clients, no matter how little or big the project is.  If we have accepted to work with you, we will give you 110% every time.  Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.  We are not the cheapest photographers in town (and we do not give discounts nor can we lower our pricing - we are not your photographer if you are looking for someone at $100 per shoot), but we are very professional and bring some of the best value for your money's worth.  We have everything that our clients look for: expertise in real estate imagery and marketing, the correct equipment, a legitimate business with insurance, accreditation from national and international professional organizations, amazing customer service, and much more.

If you are considering us for MLS real estate services, we will give you reassurance every step of the way.  Questions will never go unanswered.  We have quick turn-around times to fit the industry standards while providing quality services.  Many of our clients switch to our services after having bad experiences with other photographers, and they are now very satisfied with photography services.

Here is one example of the difference between our photos vs. other photographers - Salem, SC 29676:

Please ask us for more comparison examples of full listings.  We have saved quite a few listings that were reshot by us because previous photography did not attract foot traffic.

Q: We noticed that a lot of your portfolio and examples include very nice listings.  They look like $1M+ listings.  Our listing is less than $250k.  Do you take photos for those properties?

A:  We take photos of everything you need us to take. Land lots, lifestyle photos, small properties, large properties, etc.  It does not matter how large or small the listings, we get plenty of work from all types of listings.  Many realtors justify spending a budget on our services because they know we specialize in real estate photography and will take some of the best images of small properties.  We know how to take wide angle photos without distortion, which means fitting more of a small room into one image.  Taking amazing images of small properties is even more difficult than taking amazing images of larger properties.  It truly is worth spending the marketing dollars on our photography... you won't regret it!

Q: We're uneasy about the weather lately.  We only want to have shoots during sunny days so the photos turn out nicely.

A: We will take photos during any type of weather except for thunderstorms or other crazy inclement weather.  Cloudy days are actually superb for taking exterior/outdoor photos because the lighting is beautiful.  So we are more than capable of taking photos on sunny, partly sunny/cloudy, cloudy, barely rainy days.  It looks gloomy out?  No worries, we do sky replacements for clients for free!  More than 25% of our examples in our portfolio are taken during gloomy days... but we bet you can't tell the difference.  For interiors, we have supplemental lighting, and we are able to capture lowly-lit rooms in the best way possible.

Here's an image of the before and after on a gloomy day:





Q: What types of services do you provide?

A: Our specialty is in real estate and architectural photography done on the ground, as well as certain elevated shots from the ground.  We are more than capable to take portrait photography and other types of commercial photography if that is what you need from us.  We can provide turn-key marketing services for MLS real estate work - light home styling, photography, still virtual tour, graphic design and write-up for print marketing materials, delivery of printed marketing materials.  Currently, we do not provide videography, aerial photography, or drone work.  We are considering expanding into some of these categories in the future.

Q: How far out should we book you?

A:  You should always contact us as soon as you can.  We understand with this industry that some last-minute work pops up and leaves us all scrambling.  We cannot guarantee last-minute openings to anyone.  Sometimes we have appointments as early as the next day (we cannot book same-day appointments), but during the busy seasons, it is most likely that we need 1-2 week notices.  We do have clients that book us over a month in advance for MLS work because they absolutely have to have us take photos for all their listings.  The best way to fit on our schedule is to email us at info@jennymelick.com with the property address, timeline of listing (when you'd like to list the property on the MLS), and the types of services you need from us.

Q: Who should we expect to provide services?

A:  You should always expect Jenny Melick to show up at the shoots.  We do not outsource our photography because we want you to get the best services possible.  You won't have to worry about which photographer will show up at shoots or if the quality will suffer during post-production.  You will always get a photographer who will listen to your needs, is detail-oriented, will fluff your pillows, and always care about making sure each shot is magazine-worthy.