What to expect before the shoot

We care about the homeowners' successes!  We understand how exhausting and stressful moving and selling/buying houses can be.  So we have streamlined this process in order to help market properties for sale.

By hiring us, you are already ahead of the game.  Many people have started their search for their next or new home online!  Professional real estate photography and virtual tours are so crucial in the marketing to these potential buyers; doing it right the first time matters.

Whether you are a homeowner, a real estate agent/broker, or someone else, we are part of your team!


Sign our contract agreement.  Make sure you understand everything on the agreement and ask us any questions ahead of time.  We use this document to let us know small details like who will let us in, their contact information, key combinations if no one is there, any special requests, etc.

This is also the time to let us know which services you definitely need, and which ones you need clarifications on:

  • In-person staging consultation (only with homeowner's existing furniture and decorations)
  • Video virtual tour instead of still virtual tour
  • Other technical upgrades: twilight shoot, elevated shots, etc.
  • Printed marketing materials such as flyers, postcards, and brochures
  • Online marketing

We require payment as well as signed agreement to move any further in this process.


Schedule your appointment(s) with us.  Please keep in mind that we need 1-2 business days to process the photos and still virtual tour.  The MLS listing cannot be submitting on the same day as our photo shoot, so plan accordingly!

IF your home is perfectly maintained with very few, small decorations that may need to be moved, then you're in great shape!  Go ahead and schedule a photo shoot with us since you won't need a staging consultation.

HOWEVER, if your home is not in the best of shape and you need some professional advice on making your home more marketable, please schedule an in-person staging consultation.  Our stager will go to your property and give you advice for whatever you need.  The rates for our staging consultation is $150/hour (includes a written report for the homeowner).

Please give yourself at least 3-7 days between staging consultation and photo shoot. Most homes under 5,000 sq. ft. will take 1-2 hours for staging consultation.


Provide us with the necessary information to make your marketing pieces, including the still virtual tour.  This includes the following:

  • MLS # (if known), # of bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage
  • highlights of the home that makes it unique
  • neighborhood and amenities if unique
  • your headshot and contact information for the branded tour (The realtor who is in charge of a MLS listing OR the homeowner for FSBOs)


Make sure the property is in its absolute best before our shoot.  Landscaping, decorating, staging, decluttering, etc. MUST be done prior to the photographer showing up for the appointment time.  For a checklist of all the things the homeowners should take of before the shoot, please click here.

We do not usually confirm appointments.  Please refer back to the agreement to check the details.  We will not automatically reschedule for inclement weather and MUST get your decision to postpone a photo shoot first!  This prevents from any miscommunication later on and any blames placed on us due to postponed scheduling.

Cancelations for any reason within 24 hours will result in additional fees.  You may reschedule at least 4 hours before appointment for severe inclement weather (tornados, severe thunder storms, hurricanes, etc.).  Notification within 4 hours before a photo shoot will result in additional fees.



We know you can get antsy while the photographer is there.  Keep in mind that in order for us to work our magic, we need a good environment to work in:

  • Please don't follow us around.  Many of our wide-angle shots can sometimes include ourselves if we are not careful.  The best thing to do is to be on another level of the home or to be in another room.  If you can see the photographer and the camera, our lenses can see you too!
  • Put all animals away.  Not only for allergy concerns, but most importantly we cannot have animals in our shots as much as we love our furry friends.
  • Make sure everything is done.  We cannot reshoot a room after it is done because the room wasn't staged properly and we weren't told about it.  When we spend extra time moving things around or waiting for rooms to get cleaned, it takes time away from processing your images after the shoot as well as affects other people's appointments.  (It wouldn't be great if someone else's mess affected your appointment, would it?)



It is the moment you have been waiting for... A beautiful listing created to market your home.  But wait.  Creating great marketing takes time too!

Processing/editing photos and creating a still virtual tour cannot be done 30 minutes after a photo session.  When you factor in 30 minutes to an hour travel back to the studio from the photo session, plus 3-5 hours of processing time, we definitely need 1 business day to put everything together.  This means that for a photo shoot on Monday, you will receive photos and tour on Tuesday.  For photo shoots on Friday, please expect your deliverables the next Monday. (We do not work holidays.  During business trips, we cannot process images when we are not in our studio.)

Once your deliverables are done, we will email you a gallery or some links.  If you did not want a still virtual tour and only photos, we have sized them to what you needed in Google Docs or our Pixieset gallery.

If you have ordered a still virtual tour with your photos, you will receive an email that looks like this:

Click on the link that is circled in red.  This will bring up your main screen: 



This main screen has the links to your branded tour (with contact information and headshot, NOT allowed on MLS), your unbranded tour (for the MLS), gallery of all the photos (not all photos may show up in still virtual tour).  The black buttons are the links to pages for downloading your photos, offline tour (shared to those who may want to watch without access to internet), flyer, and other useful tools.

To download your tour photos, click on the link, next to the red arrow, "download tour photos."


Your may download all the photos in bulk with the zip file option or individually.  For the MLS, only use the "MLS" size photos.  Most people will not use the "small" or "large" size photos.  "Print-quality" photos are great for designing flyers and brochures.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact us immediately!

We thank you for your business!